Disordered Eating in Elementary School with Courtney Vickery

On this episode of The Messy Intersection, we chat with Courtney Vickery, a registered dietitian who suffered from an eating disorder that onset at a very young age. Courtney and Diana discuss:

  • Courtney's disordered eating/eating disorder throughout her childhood
  • Courtney's healing story and her current practice as an eating disorders professional
  • What parents can do to set the stage for eating disorder prevention
  • What parents can do if they notice warning signs of an eating disorder in their child
  • A handful of general hot tips about feeding kids

Content warning: This episode contains discussion of disordered eating behaviors that are not appropriate for children and may not be appropriate for anyone with an active eating disorder. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

More about Courtney: Instagram | Website

Follow Diana on Instagram: @anti.diet.kids

Join the Raising Anti-Diet Kids Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/antidietkids)

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